Friday, May 31, 2013

Fabulous Friday?

Date: May 31, 2013 Time: 3:41 pm
Current state: Cautiously optimistic
Location: The Office
Weather: Sunny...for the moment

Today's menu:
Greek yogurt w/blueberries* and granola
Frozen lunch (curried beef w/veg)
Cele's Meal

Here were are again; it's Friday. Friday, the day I declared which will be specially reserved for positivity and self-confidence building. Well, remember how I went to Portland last weekend, and basically ate and drank my way through the city? It turns out actions have consequences. I went to my weekly WW meeting today and weighed in at the beginning. I had no fantasies that I had lost weight in this last week; not only did I manage to splurge this weekend on rich eating and drinking, but I did a lot of emotional eating this week. When the gal at the counter handed me my weigh-in card, I felt all of the pats on the back I've been giving myself cash themselves in for a refund. I somehow managed to gain back 5 pounds in the last week, which is bad and impressive all at once.

I will or I will die trying!

The meeting moderator wanted to talk about triggers today: why do we eat when we're not hungry? I told her that last week I had gone on a trip to Portland and spent the weekend with friends. We hit several restaurants and enjoyed treats at all of them. She asked me what I could do to shift this behavior. I told her I could enjoy the company of my friends more than I enjoyed the company of the food. She looked at me and raised her eyebrows as if to say "Yup."

I got eyebrow smacked. HARD.

We also talked about emotional eating and triggers. I wrote down that I tend to eat when I'm sad, stressed, angry or lonely. Or happy. Or indifferent. Or breathing. I then wrote down what I could do when I'm finding myself sad, bored or lonely and I want to avoid over-eating. That stumped me. I could just try and not be sad/bored/lonely, but brains are more complex than that. The moderator said I should reach out for help. Call a friend or family member, talk about it, go for a walk, etc. Asking for help is not something I enjoy doing for all kinds of reasons I won't deep dive into; let's just say I like to stay on an even ground in my relationships. That's not to say I've never asked for help before, or ungrateful for the help that I received. That being said, no wo/man is an island. Something to think about.

"Summer!", I can hear you say. "Isn't today 'Fabulous Friday'?" Well yes, dear reader(s), it is! So I'm going to take a big drink of cheer-the-f***-up and try and end this week on a high note. We fall down but we get back up and on that horse folks!

Here we go; this week's 3 things I like about myself:

1. I am very self-aware.
2. I am always willing to try new things. I might not like them (i.e.--scotch, a.k.a. stuff that burns/tastes like hot lava), but I'm proud I tried.
3. I am an excellent navigator, and when I do get lost I don't get mad; it's always an adventure.

Your turn: what are three things you like about yourself? Hit me in the comments and please write me HERE if you are having trouble with the comments section. I need to know so I can make Blogger fix it.

Summer out. Bon weekend!


Jessie Sams said...

1. I have a lovely smile.
2. I am a good cupcaker. (If that's not a word, it should be.)
3. I have excellent taste in movies (totally watching Rags to Riches as I type this).

I love fabulous Friday!

Kathryn said...

1. I have resolve and grace when people break my stuff or stand me up
2. I am pretty good at the whole work / life balance thing and am blessed to have the opportunity to be good at it
3. I can't bake bc I don't follow directions well but I do have fun doing it