Thursday, May 23, 2013

Missing in Inaction

Date: May 23, 2013 Time: 4:46 pm
Current state: Snarky-Snarkerson

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Weather: Grey

Today's menu :
Honey Greek Yoghurt
Coffee w/milk
Frozen lunch (salmon w/veg)
Bowl of carrots w/hummus
Banana chips
Pulled Pork Salad from Cele's Meals (be jealous)
Lo fat/cal ice cream
I wish I could say I had a good excuse for not writing, like work has been busy, or my social/family life has been overly demanding. I wish I could say that, but I can't. That's not to say life has been completely banal and uneventful, but I just haven't been taking the time to focus on writing. That time has been dedicated to falling into hours long Buzzfeed black holes. Don't tell me it could never happen to you!

So let's catch up, eh? How are you? What's going on in your life? OH really? That's so crazy! I told you she was nuts.

Me? Oh well, what's happened since we last talked...

I went to my 2nd WW meeting on  May 10th and I lost 5.2 pounds after my first week on WW. So that's a victory!

I turned 33 on May 12th. It was on Mother's day, so I spent the evening before with my lovely friends, who lavished me with their amazing singing and some amazing gifties. I spent my birthday with my cousins getting mani-pedis and went home and had tea? Totally legal herbal tea. This lead to the bad decision of ordering a small pepperoni pizza from Paggliaci's and consuming all of it. All. Of. It. Do I have regrets? Ask me when I go to my next WW meeting.

By the way, I am proud to say that at 33 I don't have any grey hairs yet. That being said, I'm getting hella white eyebrows. What's the deal with that??

A couple days after my birthday I made a huge decision, which I will write about tomorrow.

I got bronchitis. Boo-hoo-poor-me. When I get sick I tend to get very introspective, and I think about relationships and loneliness and feel very very sorry for myself. The government should start a home nurse program for sad singletons who get sick and just need someone to bring them soup, sing them a song and kiss their eyelids. I don't think that's a very big ask.

I've started giving creative answers to people who ask what is wrong with my knees. So far I have: I didn't repay my mob debts; I went skydiving and my parachute didn't open; I was in a gang-fight; Obamacare; my part-time job on Aurora Ave.; knee gnomes. That's all so far, but I'm taking suggestions.

Today's question: what do you do when you find yourself losing focus?

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