Friday, May 3, 2013

Feeling Fabulous Friday


Date: May 3, 2013 Time: 1:47 pm
Current state: Bouncy (I have to potty!)
Location: The Office
Weather: Luminous

Today's menu :
Pumpkin Flax Granola
Honey Greek Yoghurt
Frozen lunch (Cod w/Ratatouille)
Greek Salad
Banana Chips
Apple (if I get hungry)
(unpacking tonight)
Probably Pho again
Chocolate Square

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Happy Feeling Fabulous Friday y'all! I've decided that I wanted to make Friday's blog posts focused on the positive. Eliminate the negative, so to speak.

I have never been to an Alcoholics/Narcotics/Over-Eaters Anonymous meeting, but from I understand people who go tend to focus on all of their negative behaviors and the consequences of their actions. While I think it's good to reflect on bad behavior + action = consequence, we should also take some time to celebrate the fact that we, being multi-faceted human beings, have something positive to put out into the world as well. Everybody has value and something to live for.

I used to have a friend who told me if I ever said anything bad about myself I had to say 3 nice things about myself after that. I couldn't believe how hard it was, every single time, to come up with 3 nice things to say about myself. I have talked to a lot of friends and have found that almost all of them, especially my female friends, struggle with the same thing.

All that being said, Feeling Fabulous Friday is exactly for that. I'm going to share 3 things I like about myself, every Friday, and I would like for you to share as well, in the comments section.

So here's this week's 3:

1. I like my green eyes.
2. I make a kick-ass blackened salmon.
3. I am an excellent defensive driver.

Okay, your turn! Share your 3 in the comments!

Summer out.


Arwen said...

When I was struggling with depression due to my untreated thyroid condition, I kept a happiness journal. Normally, those are just writing 1-5 things that made you happy, but I altered it slightly to writing 3 things that I DID that made me happy or allowed me to experience happiness. I felt the tying it to things I made happen and could control was a big self-esteem link. It worked very well.

Ben said...

Ok, that driving bit made me laugh my ass off. I'm sure what you meant to say is your an "excellent offensive driver" right? <3

Ben said...

Lets see here, my 3..

I'm incredibly handsome
I'm genius smart

Hmmm, one more....

Oh ya, my sister is kinda cool, in her own way. <3

Kathryn said...

I agree with the three great things about you!
Hot tea
Ooba Tuba Friday!!!
a few crackers
I have no idea what's for dinner

1. I like my hazel eyes
2. My work
3. Gosh this is hard... My toes. :)

Summer said...

HA! Oh I meant defensive. :)

Mom2C said...

1. I *love* being a mom. It has made me such a better version of myself.
2. I love my personality and humor. I hope others enjoy it too. There's nothing better than being able to bring humor in bad situations and lightening things up.
3. I love my resourcefulness. My middle name should have been McGyver. Others make lemonade out of lemons. I just think duct tape and some paperclips solves every problem.


Shonna and Brandon said...

My hair color
Great at throwing recipes together with what I have on hand
Easy to get along with


Tiffany said...

1. I have super awesome red, curly hair.

2. My brown eyes are super awesome with my red, curly hair. (as brown eyes/red hair combo is uncommon)

3. I can empathize very well.