Thursday, February 6, 2014

And we're BACK!

Well howdy ya'll! It's been awhile, no?

Awhile back I decided to scrap the weight-loss journey concept of this blog. I read back through old posts and fell in hate with the person writing them; it was all self-pitying, despondent tripe. In addition, I was writing for the wrong reasons.

When it comes to my own personal journey of caring for myself, and my body, it's just that: personal. I was not, and still am not, prepared to shine a light on the most painful struggle of my life on a public forum. I may allude to it from time to time, but to write about it on a daily basis became too frustrating and too vulnerable for me.

I asked myself recently: why do I like to write? What is it about writing that makes me feel complete? I thought about my father, and how he loves to share stories. They could range from mundane to barn burners, but he always tells them with the enthusiasm of someone who cares about the listener's experience. When I write, I don't write just to make myself happy, I want to make someone else happy. I want to share stories that can excite, titillate, or provoke thought in the person I am telling the story to.

So that is why I bailed on my blog, and that's why I'm back shifting the focus. I just want to tell stories. If you want to know how I'm doing, feel free to ask.

Just an update; recently my favorite podcast, RISK!, came to Seattle for a live show. I was very excited to have my submission picked to be read for the live show and podcast recording. I will eventually post it here on the blog when it's posted. It was not only a wonderful experience to share my story, but it was also inspiring to hear the other storyteller's travails. I insist that if you enjoy podcasts or if you don't, give this podcast a go. You will hear stories that will run the gammit of human experience and it will inspire you. Do it.

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