Tuesday, April 30, 2013

We're movin' right along!

Date: April 30, 2012
Time: 12:29 pm
Current state: agitated and impatient
Location: My soon to be former residence
Weather: flipping GORGEOUS!

Today's Menu: do my best

I'm doing today's post quick and dirty folks, because it's MOVING DAY! Again! I counted it out the other day, and I have moved 9 times in the last 4 years. I'm moving from the semi-slums of Columbia city to the beautiful urban suburb of West Seattle. I couldn't be more excited. 

I'm currently sitting on my front porch and waiting for the movers, who are 33 minutes late so far. I'll just enjoy my time in the sun. In the mean time I'm contemplating excuses. When things are crazy or stressful, I find myself making excuses for why I shouldn't eat healthy. "I'm too busy/tired to cook", or "I have to work late" or "I'm moving for the third time in a month". I suppose there's always a reason why we can't take the time to take care of ourselves, but aren't we worth the time? 

What challenges do you face when it comes to finding a balance between your busy life and your health? Hit me in the comments section.

Summer out.


Kathryn said...

Small lite mocha
Salad, two Cali rolls
Pesto with sausage is tonight.
Glass of wine

Last night I actually made salmon and asparagus on the grill.

Excuses, instead of eating fast food or something like that when I'm in a hurry I usually use it as an excuse to eat like a bird. You know, hummus, pita, nuts, sparkling water, an apple.... :) this usually occurs when D is traveling.
Happy moving day!!! I hope you have the movers are good to you this time around.

Mom2C said...

Hello, I work with K and your blog has *inspired * me to make better food choices too... Today I ate fruit ! And anyone who knows me knows I would rip open a bag of Cheetohs than cut an apple or perl an orange. Small steps... One day at a time....Ann

Nadia said...

Hey Summer! I hope your moving saga has ended well.
Eating healthy on the go or when you're short on time is actually not all that hard! First of all, you can eat in any chain restaurant, even Macdonald's! Order a burger, ditch the bun, eat the patty. Get a salad instead of fries and don't use all the dressing that goes with it. Just a little vinaigrette or olive oil if they've got any. Drink water with lemon instead of soda (or cheat like me and just get a diet soda - just make sure that it doesn't happen every day :)).
I don't know how about the States but here in Germany you can get a grill chicken in almost any deli store or at a supermarket. That also works well - just don't eat the skin.
I would say Subway could work for getting a healthier snack but I honestly think that they're not tasty at all :)